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This page currently houses examples from the geosciences. Examples specific to economics may be found at the economic examples page.

In addition to this collection there is a large collection of ConcepTest Examples.

Specialized sub-collections of longer activities , questions of the day and think-pair-share examples are also available.

  • Longer Activities provide an opportunity to have the students work on more complex problems and with data sets.
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    Science on a Skateboard - Applications of Newton's Third Law part of Examples
    A think, pair, share activity with Socratic questioning to help students begin to understand rocket propulsion. -

    Will the egg break? part of Examples
    This is a discrepant event that can be used to help students understand applications of the momentum-impulse theorem. Students are first asked to predict and hypothesize what will happen when an egg is thrown into ...

    Modeling emf, Potential Difference, and Internal Resistance part of Examples
    Through class discussion and think-pair-share questions, this activity helps students come to understand the difference between emf and potential difference in electrical circuits. These concepts are broached ...

    Models of the Hydrogen Atom part of Examples
    In this interactive lecture, models of the hydrogen atom are explored using an online Java applet. The exploration leads to qualitative and quantitative analysis of energy transitions. -

    The Evolution of Pearsons Correlation Coefficient/Exploring Relationships between Two Quantitative Variables part of Examples
    The evolution of ideas is often ignored in the teaching of statistics. It is important to show students how definitions and formulas evolve. This activity describes a fairly straightforward activity of how measures ...

    Helping Students Discover Total Internal Reflection part of Examples
    Students learn the basic relationship of Snell's Law, practice applying it to a situation, then are given another situation where it "doesn't work."??? This situation turns out to be one in ...

    Work: pre, during and post class questions part of Examples
    This series of questions before instruction, in-class peer instruction, and post-instruction allow students to iterate and improve their understanding of work incrementally. -

    Hotspot Lesson: Relative Dating part of ERESE:ERESE Activities
    This lesson explains the application of relative dating for volcanic features in the ocean.

    Combined Series and Parallel Circuits: Interactive Lecture Demonstrations part of Examples
    Three in-class lecture demonstration questions to test and build understanding of DC circuits are presented. These questions cover simple series and parallel circuits, and a more complicated circuit that is ...

    Interactive lecture on diminishing marginal product: tennis ball production part of Examples
    In this interactive lecture, students "produce" tennis balls with fixed capital and increasing labor, generating a production function. Students calculate the marginal product of each work and discover ...