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This page currently houses examples from the geosciences. Examples specific to economics may be found at the economic examples page.

In addition to this collection there is a large collection of ConcepTest Examples.

Specialized sub-collections of longer activities , questions of the day and think-pair-share examples are also available.

  • Longer Activities provide an opportunity to have the students work on more complex problems and with data sets.
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    Using an Applet to Demonstrate a Sampling Distribution part of Examples
    Introducing sampling distribution through cooperative learning among students using a group activity. Afterwards, use the sampling distribution applet to illustrate. -

    Psychic test part of Examples
    Show relative frequency converging to true probability by testing the psychic ability of your students. -

    Count the Fs: Why a Sample instead of a Census? part of Examples
    This interactive lecture activity motivates the need for sampling. "Why sample, why not just take a census?" Under time pressure, students count the number of times the letter F appears in a paragraph. ...

    The Transformer: Simulation Lecture Demo part of Examples
    The activity presents an interactive lecture demonstration of the operation of a transformer using a simulation. -

    Think-Pair-Share Analysis of the Operation of a Metal Detector part of Examples
    The activity presents a Think-Pair-Share analysis of a metal detector including a simulation. -

    Work: pre, during and post class questions part of Examples
    This series of questions before instruction, in-class peer instruction, and post-instruction allow students to iterate and improve their understanding of work incrementally. -

    Learning to Think about Gravity II: Aristotle to Einstein part of Examples
    The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to think about gravity, learn about scientific methodology, and transition from the Aristotelian to Newtonian to Einsteinian understanding of gravity. -

    Projectile and Satellite Orbits part of Examples
    Gravitation introductory activity with interesting animation. The activity allows the student to revile the connection between the initial speed and the shape of satellite orbit. -

    Science on a Skateboard - Applications of Newton's Third Law part of Examples
    A think, pair, share activity with Socratic questioning to help students begin to understand rocket propulsion. -