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This page currently houses examples from the geosciences. Examples specific to economics may be found at the economic examples page.

In addition to this collection there is a large collection of ConcepTest Examples.

Specialized sub-collections of longer activities , questions of the day and think-pair-share examples are also available.

  • Longer Activities provide an opportunity to have the students work on more complex problems and with data sets.
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    How Fast Do Materials Weather? part of Examples
    A think-pair-share activity in which students calculate weathering rates from tombstone weathering data. -

    On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
    Learn more about this review process.

    Rivers: Short In-class Activity part of Examples
    Images of the James River in Virginia, including one at flood stage, and of potholes, all of which can be used to have the students make observations, estimates, and interpretations. -

    Ocean Stratigraphy Challenge part of Examples
    A 15-20 minute think-pair-share activity interpreting a deep-sea sediment core combining concepts from oceanography, sedimentology, and plate tectonics. -

    Quicksand Questions: Short In-class Activity part of Examples
    Student learning on quicksand is assessed during lecture with questions posed by the instructor and responses given with classroom response systems. -