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Engaging Question part of Activities
Karl Wirth, Macalester College Course: Dynamic Earth and Global Change 20 students This activity serves a number of functions, including an introduction to the course, a learning prompt that can be revisited ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey, Classroom Climate:Icebreaker, Engage with Content:Introduce Course Topic, Practice Science Skill, Motivate Students:Relevance, Problem-Solving
Earth System Topics: Climate, Atmosphere

Learning Styles: VARK part of Activities
David Mogk, Montana State University Course: Environmental Geology 60 students Learning styles vary greatly from individual to individual. There are several instruments available for measuring learning styles. The ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Learning Styles

Preconceptions: Private Universe part of Activities
Don Minkel, Adirondack Community College Course: Introduction to Astronomy 22 students This activity is designed to inform students about how misconceptions can interfere with the learning process, and to alert ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey

Prior Knowledge, Landscape Photos part of Activities
Daniel Brownstein, Hastings High School Course: Advanced Geology 26 students Surveying students to assess their prior knowledge serves two purposes: it helps students review information they have (theoretically) ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey

Icebreaker: Coat of Arms part of Activities
Martin Balinsky, Florida A&M University Course: Earth and Space Science for pre-service and inservice teachers 26 students An icebreaker is an activity that helps students (and instructor) to get to know each ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Student Interests, Classroom Climate:Icebreaker
Earth System Topics: Solar System and Astronomy, Solid Earth

Attitude Toward Science, Scientists part of Activities
Prajukti Bhattacharyya, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Course: Introduction to Earth Science 25-32 students Students' negative attitudes toward science can be a surprisingly powerful barrier to learning. ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Attitude Survey, Classroom Climate
Earth System Topics: Solid Earth

What Students Want to Learn part of Activities
John Wagner, Clemson University Course: Earth Resources 60 students Surveying your students about what they want to learn in a course can tell you a lot about them and their interests, and how to connect your ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Student Interests
Earth System Topics: Human Dimensions, :Resources

Identify Pressing Environmental Issues part of Activities
Kathy Licht, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Course: Environmental Geology 70 students Connecting course topics to students' lives is a very effective motivational strategy. The Activity In ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey, Motivate Students:Relevance
Earth System Topics: Human Dimensions

Earthball Volleyball part of Activities
John Knox, University of Georgia Course: Introduction to Weather and Climate 90 to 250 students This icebreaker activity mixes learning with fun. The Activity I cover the contents of the introductory chapter of the ...

First Day Focus: Classroom Climate:Icebreaker, Survey Students:Knowledge Survey, Engage with Content:Introduce Course Topic
Earth System Topics: Atmosphere

Geoscience Concept Inventory part of Activities
Henrietta Laustsen, University of Colorado Course: Introduction to Physical Geology 185 students Surveying students to assess their prior knowledge can help you figure out what topics to focus on in your teaching. ...

First Day Focus: Survey Students:Knowledge Survey

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