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Field Lab Examples

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Rocks and weathered rocks part of Field Lab Examples
In this lab, students compare fresh rocks with their weathered equivalents. -

Earth System Topics: Surface Processes:Weathering, Erosion, Mass Wasting, Solid Earth:Earth Materials:Rocks

Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach GeoscienceAn Illustrated Community Discussion part of Cutting Edge:Geoscience in the Field:Field Experiences:Posters
This is a 10-day field experience class that focuses on the geology of the Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau, culminating in a rim-to-rim backpack trip across the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Earth System Topics: Solid Earth:Deformation, Earth Materials:Rocks

Post-Settlement Erosion and Deposition part of Field Lab Examples
Use valley and slope deposits to reconstruct recent landscape erosion and sedimentation history. -

Earth System Topics: Solid Earth:Earth Materials:Rocks, Surface Processes:Soils, Weathering, Erosion, Mass Wasting

Developing a local stratigraphy part of Field Lab Examples
Students use field lab periods to construct a composite stratigraphic section of the area surrounding their campus. -

Earth System Topics: Time/Earth History, Solid Earth:Earth Materials, Climate, Solid Earth:Earth Materials:Rocks, Atmosphere

Petrology in the Gravel Pit part of Field Lab Examples
Gravel pits exposing glacial deposits provide a wonderful variety of gravel to boulder sized igneous and metamorphic rocks, helpful to instructors in hard-rock-challenged regions. -

Earth System Topics: Solid Earth:Earth Materials:Rocks, Minerals

Making a Soil Monolith part of Field Lab Examples
This extended exercise engages soils students in both field and laboratory work through the collection and preservation of a soil monolith. -

Earth System Topics: Solid Earth