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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Relative Layer Age #36 part of Examples
Examine the image of rock layers below. Which letter represents the rock unit that was formed earliest? Image courtesy of USGS a. A b. B c. C

ConcepTest: Relative Layer Age #39 part of Examples
What principle would be the best to apply to determine the relative order in which rock units A and B in the image below were formed? Image courtesy of USGS a. Original horizontality b. Cross-cutting relationships ...

ConcepTest: Relative Layer Age #38 part of Examples
Examine the image of rock layers below. Which sequence of letters best represents the order in which the rock units were formed (from oldest to youngest)? Image courtesy of USGS a. B, A, C b. C, B, A c. B, C, A d. ...

ConcepTest: Fault Displacement part of Examples
What is the relative displacement of the fault that offsets the road in the photo? a. left lateral b. right lateral c. normal d. reverse

ConcepTest: Identifying Oxides part of Examples
Which of the following formulas represents an oxide? a. FeS2 b. KAlSi3O8 c. Fe2O3 d. CaSO4 ยท 2H2O

ConcepTest: Rock Transformation part of Examples
The graph below illustrates how the temperature changed with time for part of the rock cycle. Which of the following processes is best represented by the graph? a. sediment is lithified to form sedimentary rock b. ...

ConcepTest: Sedimentary Rock Formation part of Examples
Concrete is formed by adding cement and water to a mixture of sand and gravel. This could be seen as an analog for the formation of a ___________ sedimentary rock. a. clastic b. chemical c. biochemical

ConcepTest: Rock Ages part of Examples
Match the features in the relative time diagram below with the events described in the short sentences. Assume all rocks are sedimentary unless otherwise indicated. What is the best estimate of the age of F if A is ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Currents part of Examples
Ocean currents at G are flowing in what direction? a. to the west b. to the east c. to the north d. to the south

ConcepTest: Waves part of Examples
At which location in the diagram below would the waves break closer to the beach? a. A b. B c. C

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