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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Earthquake Hazards part of Examples
If you lived in a city located 20 km from the epicenter of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake, which of the following would you be most likely to experience? a) ground shaking b) landslides c) fault rupture d) tsunami e) ...

ConcepTest: EQ Recurrence Interval part of Examples
Plate A moves 3 cm/yr past plate B. A typical earthquake along the plate boundary has 6 meters of slip. What is the recurrence interval of the earthquake? a. 0.2 years b. 2 years c. 200 years d. 2000 years

ConcepTest: Shock Sequences part of Examples
A seismograph records four earthquakes of magnitude 3.7, 3.2, 6.5 and 4.3 and then seismicity decreases. Which is a likely foreshock /aftershock sequence? a. 3.7, 3.2/6.5 b. 3.2, 6.5/4.3 c. 3.2, 3.7/4.3 d. 6.5/4.3

ConcepTest: Foreshock part of Examples
A seismograph records four earthquakes of magnitude 3.7, 3.2, 6.5 and 4.3 and then seismicity decreases. Which earthquake(s) represent (a) foreshock(s)? a. 3.7 and 3.2 b. 3.2 only c. 3.7 only d. 3.7 and 6.5

ConcepTest: Pencil Break part of Examples
A pencil will bend if you push down on both ends and push up in the middle. If you push hard enough the pencil will break. Breaking the pencil is an example of ___________ behavior. a) elastic b) brittle c) ductile ...

ConcepTest: Groundwater Transport of Liquid Waste part of Examples
Large volumes of liquid waste were dumped into the sands of the Cape Cod aquifer at Otis Air Base. Groundwater flow transported the waste toward Falmouth. How long would it take for the waste to appear in water ...

ConcepTest: Oceans by South America #5 part of Examples
Examine the image of part of the South American continent and neighboring oceans. (Image courtesy the National Geophysical Data Center.) Which site is located nearest to a trench? a. D b. B c. C d. A

ConcepTest: Recharging Aquifers part of Examples
If rain falls on a gentle slope, which scenario will increase recharge of an unconfined (open) aquifer? a. light rain on clay b. heavy rain on clay c. light rain on sand d. heavy rain on sand

ConcepTest: Groundwater Well Cone of Depression #1 part of Examples
A groundwater well is pumped for a period of time creating a cone of depression. How will the water table appear? a. A b. B c. C

ConcepTest: Hydrologic Cycle #3 part of Examples
The following diagram illustrates the Hydrologic Cycle. Match the arrow being considered with the process it represents. Arrow 3 best represents what process? a. evaporation b. precipitation c. transpiration d. ...

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