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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Eccentricity and Temperature Distribution part of Examples
Mars has a more eccentric orbit of the Sun than Earth. Mars is 20% closer to the Sun during its winter than it is during its summer. How would temperature distributions on Earth be affected if we had a similarly ...

ConcepTest: Rotation part of Examples
It takes 24 hours—one day—for one complete rotation of Earth. How long would it take for the Sun to strike every location on the equator if Earth did not rotate on its axis? a. never b. one season c. 24 hours ...

ConcepTest: The Moons Orbit part of Examples
Does the Moon have a geocentric or heliocentric type orbit? a. geocentric. b. heliocentric. c. neither.

ConcepTest: Magnetic Inclination part of Examples
The diagram below shows the magnetic inclination determined for three lava flows preserved in a cliff. (Assume that Earth's magnetic field was in the same orientation as it is today.) What happened to the ...

ConcepTest: Magnetic Inclination in Lava part of Examples
Two lava flows formed at the same location on a plate, 90 million years apart. The plate migrated 500 km northward in the time between the formation of the first and second lava flows. Scientists sampled rocks from ...

ConcepTest: Worldwide Applications of Tectonic Theory #1 part of Examples
Review the map of the plates below and identify which two locations are moving farther apart due to plate motions? a. B & C b. F & G c. D &H d. E & M

ConcepTest: Age of Red Sea Crust part of Examples
The floor of the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 20 times wider than the Red Sea basin. Predict the approximate age of the oldest oceanic crust below the Red Sea. a. 500,000 years b. 10 million years c. 50 million ...

ConcepTest: Movement of Volcano part of Examples
A volcano formed over a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean would travel approximately _______ in 1000 years. (Assume a constant rate of plate motion. 1 km = 1000 m; 1 m = 100 cm; 1 cm = 10 mm.) a. 1-2 meters b. 100-200 ...

ConcepTest: Changing Magnetic Inclination part of Examples
The location of the magnetic North Pole migrated slowly northward over the last century. Assuming that you live in North America, how did magnetic inclination readings of your city change between 1904 and 2004? a. ...

ConcepTest: Magnetism Across Oceanic Ridge part of Examples
The figure below represents a magnetic profile across an oceanic ridge system. The profile is a plot of (A) distance from the oceanic ridge vs. (B) _________. a. magnetic declination b. magnetic intensity c. ...

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