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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Dried Fruit-Rock Analogy part of Examples
Dried (dehydrated) fruit is made by evaporating water under warm temperatures causing the texture of the fruit to change. This could be seen as an analog for the formation of a. igneous rock b. metamorphic rock c. ...

ConcepTest: Popcorn-Rock Analogy part of Examples
Popcorn changes from kernels of corn to popped corn with the application of heat. This could be seen as an analog for the formation of a. igneous rock b. metamorphic rock c. sedimentary rock.

ConcepTest: Sandwich-Rock Analogy part of Examples
Adding layers of ingredients to build a sandwich could be viewed as an analog for the formation of a. igneous rocks b. metamorphic rocks c. sedimentary rocks.

ConcepTest: Toast-Rock Analogy part of Examples
The change of bread to toast is an analog for the formation of a metamorphic rock formed by a. contact metamorphism b. regional metamorphism.

ConcepTest: Relative Plate Motion part of Examples
A and B represent locations on two separate plates. The curved black line represents the plate boundary. The arrows show the directions of plate motion and the rates of motion are indicated. What kind of plate ...

ConcepTest: Oldest Rocks part of Examples
Carefully examine the relative positions of the lettered arrows on the timeline below and estimate the ages represented by each arrow. Identify which letter corresponds most closely to the age of the oldest known ...

ConcepTest: Determining Numbers of Plates part of Examples
Examine the map and answer the question that follows. X, Y, and Z represent continental lithosphere, the blank areas represent oceanic lithosphere. How many plates are present? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6

ConcepTest: Locating Wells part of Examples
Liquid hazardous waste is disposed of by pumping it down injection wells. Which well location would be the most suitable to use for an injection well? a.) b.) c.)

ConcepTest: Tropic of Cancer Temperature and Precipitation part of Examples
Which of the points on the graph below best represents conditions along the Tropic of Cancer (23 degrees N latitude)? a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E

ConcepTest: Groundwater Production part of Examples
The cross section below simplifies the groundwater resources in a county in a Midwest state. Which location would have the potential for the best groundwater production? A. Sand and gravel on hilltop B. Shale ...

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