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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Which is not a Mineral? part of Examples
Which of the following can not be classified as a mineral? a. salt b. ice c. diamond d. glass

ConcepTest: Oxide Identification part of Examples
Which of the following mineral formulas represents an oxide? a. FeS2 b. KAlSi3O8 c. Fe2O3 d. CaSO4 - 2H2O

ConcepTest: Rock Sample Observation part of Examples
Imagine that all minerals found in igneous rocks were the same color. What information would you no longer be able to infer from observing a rock sample? a. magma cooling rate b. composition c. texture

ConcepTest: Changing Magnetic Inclination part of Examples
The location of the magnetic North Pole migrated slowly northward over the last century. Assuming that you live in North America, how did magnetic inclination readings of your city change between 1904 and 2004? a. ...

ConcepTest: Magnetism Across Oceanic Ridge part of Examples
The figure below represents a magnetic profile across an oceanic ridge system. The profile is a plot of (A) distance from the oceanic ridge vs. (B) _________. a. magnetic declination b. magnetic intensity c. ...

ConcepTest: Temperature and Depth of Rock Formation #1 part of Examples
The diagram below illustrates five potential combinations of temperature and depth that are characteristic of different rock types. Answer the question that follows using the diagram. Which letter is the best ...

ConcepTest: Temperature Change over Time in Rock Formation part of Examples
The graph below illustrates how the temperature changed with time for part of the rock cycle. Which of the following is best represented by the graph? a. sediment is lithified to form sedimentary rock b. ...

ConcepTest: Tectonic Map #2 part of Examples
Examine the map below and answer the question that follows. E is moving toward the ___________. a. southeast b. southwest c. northeast d. northwest

ConcepTest: Spreading Rate of Spreading Center part of Examples
Scientists collect rock samples of the oceanic crust from a location that is 10 km from a spreading center. (1 km = 1000 m; 1 m = 100 cm; 1 cm = 10 mm.) The sampled rocks were found to be 200,000 years old. What ...

ConcepTest: Magnetic Inclination part of Examples
The diagram below shows the magnetic inclination determined for three lava flows preserved in a cliff. (Assume that Earth's magnetic field was in the same orientation as it is today.) What happened to the ...

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