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ConcepTest: Ocean Conveyer Belt Speed 2 part of Examples
Adding more freshwater to the North Atlantic Ocean would cause the global ocean conveyer belt to a. slow down b. speed up c. undergo no change

ConcepTest: Longshore Current part of Examples
Three hotels are located near each other along a popular beach. Hotel 2 decides to build a groin (out into the long shore current). Which of the other hotels is most likely to sue to stop the construction? a. Hotel ...

ConcepTest: Tidal Ranges 1 part of Examples
If the moon were farther away from the Earth: a. Tidal ranges would be larger b. Tidal ranges would be smaller c. There would no change in tidal ranges

ConcepTest: Effect of Ice Sheet on Sea Level part of Examples
During the last ice age there was a large ice sheet over much of Canada and the northern U.S. What was the effect on global sea levels? a. Sea level was higher b. Sea level was lower c. Sea level was the same as ...

ConcepTest: Effect of Rain on Sea Level part of Examples
A majority of Earth's water is in the oceans. Predict what would happen to sea level if rain fell continuously all over the world's oceans. a. Sea level would rise b. Sea level would fall c. Sea level ...

ConcepTest: World Oceans #10 part of Examples
Examine the map of the world's oceans and use it to answer the following question. A shipment of rubber elephants falls overboard in the southern Pacific Ocean at location H on the map. Ocean currents will ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Current Transport part of Examples
A shipment of rubber elephants falls overboard at location A on the map below. Ocean currents transport the elephants around the ocean in which sequence? a. A - G - B - F - E - A b. A - E - C - G - A c. A - G - C - ...

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