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ConcepTest: Ocean Conveyer Belt Speed 2 part of Examples
Adding more freshwater to the North Atlantic Ocean would cause the global ocean conveyer belt to a. slow down b. speed up c. undergo no change

ConcepTest: Longshore Current part of Examples
Three hotels are located near each other along a popular beach. Hotel 2 decides to build a groin (out into the long shore current). Which of the other hotels is most likely to sue to stop the construction? a. Hotel ...

ConcepTest: Tidal Ranges 1 part of Examples
If the moon were farther away from the Earth: a. Tidal ranges would be larger b. Tidal ranges would be smaller c. There would no change in tidal ranges

ConcepTest: Ocean Salinity During an Ice Age part of Examples
One million years ago ice sheets covered much of the Earth's land surface during an ice age. How did this affect the salinity of the oceans? a. Oceans were saltier than today. b. Oceans were less salty than ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Salinity #3 part of Examples
Predict what would happen to the salinity of the world's oceans if the Indian Ocean was blocked off and all of its water evaporated. a. World's oceans would become more salty b. World's oceans would ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Salinity #1 part of Examples
How would the salinity of the oceans vary if the continents and oceans each covered 50% of Earth's surface and precipitation and evaporation were similar to present? a. salinity would be lower than today b. ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Salinity #2 part of Examples
How would salinity of the oceans vary if the oceans were twice as deep as present and held approximately twice as much water? a. Salinity would be less than present b. Salinity would be greater than present c. ...

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