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Whose Fault Is It Anyway? part of Games:Examples
This game has students simulate the propagation of P and S waves after an earthquake and to use the lag between these to determine where in the simulation the earthquake occurred. -

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
Learn more about this review process.

Rock/Mineral Scavenger Hunt part of Games:Examples
Take students into the field and give each team a list of rocks or mineral types you want found and brought back within the time limit. -

Virtual Oil Well Game part of Games:Examples
This strategy game has players prospect for oil using seismic profiles on limited budgets. -

Allosaur Survival Game part of Games:Examples
In this online computer game, players must figure out how to keep an Allosaurus from starving or being eaten until it grows to adulthood. -

An Interactive Game Approach to Learning in Historical Geology and Paleontology part of Games:Examples
The instructor uses a series of games to help students identify and answer questions about fossils. The game grows more complex over time as the instructors add rules and phyla to identify. -

GPS Treasure Hunt part of Games:Examples
Students are divided into teams, each of which is given a list of instructions and a GPS unit, and sent to find certain locations. At each stop, they identify a particular building stone or a plant. -

Welcome to Planet Oit! part of Games:Examples
This is an online adventure game in which players prospect for minerals on a virtual geologically realistic world. -

Wheel of... Geology! part of Games:Examples
This quiz game is intended to help students review for an upcoming exam. Topics of questions are randomly determined by spinning a wheel. Teams answer questions using electronic CPS handhelds. -

Traditional NADS Scum Run part of Games:Examples
This exercise consists of a relay race in which students must identify specimens or answer questions at various stations. -