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Question of the Day: Flow of Winds and Moisture part of Interactive Lectures:Question of the Day
This activity addresses the flow of surface winds and moisture. On the figure below, draw a)direction of air flow (winds), b) locations with highest evaporation from the sea surface, and zone(s) of maximum ...

Question of the Day: Regeneration of Fish part of Interactive Lectures:Question of the Day
The two figures shown above are from the The Fishing Game (more info) game. They show the number of new fish per year that are added to the fish "stock," depending on the maximum number of fish that the ...

JiTT - Marine Archaeology and Technology part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
1) How has technology helped marine archaeological investigations? How has it hurt? 2) What are some of the "costs" involved with using technology for marine archaeology? Are the "costs" worth ...

Ocean Stratigraphy Challenge part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
A 15-20 minute think-pair-share activity interpreting a deep-sea sediment core combining concepts from oceanography, sedimentology, and plate tectonics. -

Oceans Socratic Questioning part of Socratic Questioning:Examples
Oceans Socratic questions and answers. -

Question of the Day: Ocean Waves #2 part of Interactive Lectures:Question of the Day
Surfers know that the best waves from distant storms have periods of about 14 seconds. The object of this activity is to compute how long it takes the 14 second period waves to travel 6,000 km across the pacific. ...

Question of the Day: Ocean Waves #1 part of Interactive Lectures:Question of the Day
Sketch a simple diagram of an ocean wave and label its crest, trough, and wavelength. You are in a boat and you have a stop watch. How do you measure the period of the ocean waves passing beneath you? What ...

JiTT - The Future of Global Climate part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
1) According to NASA, why is Earth's climate warming? 2) Is the Geritol solution the solution to global warming? Explain what the "Geritol solution" is, and then state your opinion as to why you ...

ConcepTest: World Oceans #10 part of ConcepTests:Examples
Examine the map of the world's oceans and use it to answer the following question. A shipment of rubber elephants falls overboard in the southern Pacific Ocean at location H on the map. Ocean currents will ...

ConcepTest: Effect of Ice Sheet on Sea Level part of ConcepTests:Examples
During the last ice age there was a large ice sheet over much of Canada and the northern U.S. What was the effect on global sea levels? a. Sea level was higher b. Sea level was lower c. Sea level was the same as ...

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