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Flood Curves Lecture Tutorial part of Cutting Edge:Enhance Your Teaching:Teaching Methods:Lecture Tutorials:Examples
This Lecture Tutorial worksheet guides students through thinking about the effects humans have on infiltration, and how that effects the duration and severity of floods. It is designed to be used in groups after a brief lecture introducing surface and ground water flow into a stream.

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
Learn more about this review process.

JiTT - Dam Removal - A Good Idea or Not? part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
1) What are some of the biological effects of dam removal (good and bad)? 2) What are some of the more pressing/compelling reasons to remove a dam? Explain. 3) The Stanley and Doyle (2003) article states that, ...

Rivers: Short In-class Activity part of Interactive Lectures:Examples
Images of the James River in Virginia, including one at flood stage, and of potholes, all of which can be used to have the students make observations, estimates, and interpretations. -

Hydrosphere part of Socratic Questioning:Examples
Detailed, annotated example of Socratic questioning for topics of hydrologic cycle, streamflow hydrographs, and impacts of land-use change on streamflow. -

JiTT - Groundwater and Archaeology part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
1) What is causing the groundwater to rise to the foundations of Egypt's archaeological structures? What damage is the groundwater doing? 2) Describe at least two different solutions that have been proposed to ...

JiTT - Water Issues and the Aswan High Dam part of Just in Time Teaching:Examples
1) What are some of the GOOD changes for the environment and positive impacts on the local people from construction of the Aswan High Dam? 2) What are some of the BAD changes for the environment and negative ...

ConcepTest: Water Supply Contamination part of ConcepTests:Examples
A farmer drilled a well into an open aquifer composed of sand and gravel. He installed a septic system downslope from the drinking well (see diagram). A few years later the septic system started to leak. Water ...

ConcepTest: Groundwater Production Potential part of ConcepTests:Examples
The cross section below simplifies the groundwater sources in a county in a Midwest state. Which location would have the potential for the best groundwater production? a. A b. B c. C d. D

ConcepTest: Topography and Water Table part of ConcepTests:Examples
The four schematic cross sections below show the potential groundwater resources for an area of hills and valleys. Assume the region receives plentiful rainfall and is in underlain by an open aquifer composed of ...

ConcepTest: Streamflow Velocity Change After Channel is Narrowed part of ConcepTests:Examples
A stream channel is narrowed by bridge construction. How will the velocity of flow change if the depth and discharge of the stream remain constant? a. velocity will increase b. velocity will decrease c. velocity ...

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