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InTeGrate Traveling Workshops Program

The InTeGrate Project and the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) invite you to improve learning about the Earth in your courses, programs, and departments through our Traveling Workshops Program (TWP). The TWP brings national leaders in earth and environmental education to your campus or region to share lessons learned in NSF-funded InTeGrate Project.

This program is suitable for all courses, departments, and programs that would like to strengthen their capacity for teaching about societal issues in context of the Earth system. Apply to host a 1-2 day workshop that will engage participants in deep, structured discussion and action planning. These workshops can be tailored to have a special emphasis on issues of particular interest to your group.

Workshops are particularly valuable if:

  • your department is overhauling its curriculum or has experienced a change in faculty,
  • you are undergoing strategic planning,
  • you strive to increase the diversity of your students or are facing changing enrollments,
  • you want to strengthen support for student persistence in STEM,
  • there is a new or increased emphasis on sustainability, environmental or resource issues, or hazards in your program or region,
  • you are increasing the emphasis on teaching science in the context of societal issues.

Apply for a Workshop

This special offering allows you to bring trained workshop leaders to your department, institution, program or region to strengthen capacity for teaching about the Earth in a societal context. The workshop can focus on strengthening course offerings, strategies for supporting diverse students in courses or programs, or program design.

Application Deadlines:

  • January 31
  • March 15
Participants from prior workshops write:

"I go into tomorrow with a renewed enthusiasm for making us a better department and to make us an integral part of the University and community."

"Bringing the workshop to the department is a highly valuable vehicle for engaging the entire department, and I really can('t) say enough about this model. Kudos to the Building Strong Geoscience Program..."

"I particularly enjoyed the fact that the facilitators USED the types of learning strategies that they were advocating. This is MUCH BETTER than some other workshops that use a lecture format to convince us to lead active learning techniques!"

Application and Selection Criteria

All departments, institutions, programs or regions are encouraged to apply for a workshop to strengthen capacity for teaching about the Earth in a societal context. The workshop can focus on strengthening course offerings, strategies for supporting diverse students in courses or programs, or program design.

Applications will be selected based on the potential impact of the workshop and the match between workshop goals as articulated in the application and our program's strengths. Strong applications will describe how the workshop will strengthen capacity for teaching about the Earth in a societal context including learning opportunities for diverse students.

Expectations of Workshop Hosts

  • These workshops are designed for groups of about 30 participants. Workshops can serve a region (e.g. an NAGT Section meeting, a gathering focused on a local issue, etc.), an institution (e.g. professional development associated with a new cross-institution initiative), or department (e.g. geoscience, environmental science, sustainability, etc.). Department-focused workshops may be smaller than 30 people if they engage a significant fraction of the department and its leadership. This programming is appropriate for faculty from across the STEM disciplines. Groups should not be much larger than 30 to ensure participant interaction.
  • Please encourage participants to join NAGT. The Traveling Workshops Program is made possible in part by NAGT membership dues. The larger our membership, the more activities we can sponsor. To assist in spreading the word about NAGT we will send 20 copies of our NAGT membership brochure. (Acrobat (PDF) 580kB Jun20 14) Please contact Rory McFadden (rmcfadden AT carleton. edu) if you would like any additional information about NAGT or additional copies of the brochure.
  • The host institution is expected to provide leader travel, housing, meals, local ground transportation and any other on-site expenses (e.g., duplication of handouts) plus a $2,000 fee to NAGT.
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will be asked to complete an online evaluation form to provide feedback about the workshop program.
  • Following the workshop, the workshop organizers will provide information to InTeGrate about the impact of the workshop.

Before the Workshop

After an application has been submitted, the Program Coordinator will send an email notification to the facilitator.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving your request the Program Coordinator will notify you of the status of your request. Once facilitators are identified, they and the host will be responsible for planning the visit. Please inform the Program Coordinator of the dates for the visit after the schedule is finalized.