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Teaching about Risk and Resilience Real-world Examples

These real-world example descriptions have been submitted by faculty from a range of disciplines as part of the 2014 workshop: Teaching about Risk and Resilience.


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The Story of Big Moose Lake: Resilience, Tipping Point, and Restoration
Bill Stigliani, University of Northern Iowa
Bill Stigliani, Center for Energy & Environmental Education, University of Northern Iowa Summary Big Moose Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, lies downwind from the ...

Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Environmental Geology, Environmental Science:Sustainability, Chemistry:Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Science:Natural Hazards, Geoscience:Hydrology, Environmental Science:Water Quality and Quantity:Surface Water , Environmental Science:Water Quality and Quantity, Water Quality and Quantity:Non-Point Source Pollution
Special Interest: Local Issue, Sustainability, Hazards, Data, models, or simulations

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