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You can use the search box below to search for references on particular topics related to metacognition, or check out the page of selected references. We also encourage you to contribute additional references or websites to our collection.


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Earth Science Puzzles: Making Meaning From Data
Kim A. Kastens, Margie Turrin
This book is a collection of data-rich activities for use in the high school earth science classroom. In addition, there is an introduction that places the exercises in the context of the critical ...

A Comparison of Exemplary Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics Teachers' Conceptions and Enactment of Inquiry
W. Breslyn
This is a research paper in which the authors used a mixed-methods approach to assess 60 secondary science teachers' conception and enactment of inquiry. The results indicate that those conceptions ...

Geology as an Historical Science: Its Perception within Science and the Education System
J. Dodick, N. Orion
This paper is an account of the history of why and how geology came to be viewed as a derivative, less rigorous science, especially in comparison to physics, and how that became reflected in the ...

A Call for a New Geoscience Education Research Agenda
E. B. Lewis
A lack of qualified teachers and low enrollment in geosciences has led to reduced geoscience literacy. This paper presents research questions, theories, and examples to explore how to remedy this ...

Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy
The National Academies Press
This chapter presents research and evidence to answer the following four questions pertaining to science teacher education: 1. What do successful students know about science?; 2. What instructional ...

Geoscience Reporting Guidelines
Brian Grant
This 350+ page report covers the A-Z of report writing in the geosciences. It provides a great deal of information on how to write in the geoscience for different purposes. It also provides ...

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