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Energy Balance Game

This page authored by Robert MacKay, Clark College, based on his original activity.
Clark College and Washington State University, Physics, Meteorology, and Environmental Science
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This online game activity introduces students to Earth's radiative energy balance. It also explores the use of a simple climate model in the attribution of climate change.

Learning Goals

Methods of Geoscience

This game activity introduces students to how climate scientists use models to help better understand the climate system and to attribute past climate change to spefic processes.

Context for Use

This game activity can be used in any introductory geoscience course where Earth's radiative balance is considered, intro to meteorology or a course on Earth's climate are two examples. The idea is to give students a better feel for how different radiative forcings may influence Earth's surface temperature and disrupt its radiative equilibrium.

Description and Teaching Materials

PDF version of the assignment sheet

online modeling environment for the game

Energy Balance game Assignment (Acrobat (PDF) 316kB May9 12)

Teaching Notes and Tips


References and Resources

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