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Engineering and Geoscience Activities

These activities have been submitted by faculty from a range of disciplines. The activities use a wide array of pedagogic approaches to address integrating geoscience and engineering.


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Using GPS data to analyze crustal strain -or- Where is the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates?
Laurel Goodell, Princeton University
Students determine and interpret crustal strain along the Pacific/North American plate boundary in southern California. They do this by using GPS time series data to plot strain ellipses in the study area, first by hand (to understand how the method works) and then by using provided Matlab code.

Mohr Circles
Dan Morgan, Vanderbilt University
This lab will give students practice plotting Mohr circles, interpreting experimental data for creating new fractures and pre-existing cracks, and how pore-pressure and earthquakes affect materials.

Think Like a Geologist Field Trip to Downtown San Jose
LeAnne Teruya, San Jose State University
Urban geology fieldtrip designed for civil engineering students taking an introductory geology class.

Data analyses for water resources design parameter
Manoj Jha, North Carolina A & T State University
Students use historical time series of streamflow data and perform statistical analyses to develop flow duration curve and other relevant analyses. Finally, they interpret the usefulness of these analyses to use in the design of water resources structures.

Learning to integrate geophysics into engineering projects using a comprehensive set of interactive, online, scenario-based resources
Francis Jones, University of British Columbia
This online activity is a four part interactive learning scenario involving application of geophysics in a groundwater contamination and site characterization setting. Learning objectives focus on decision making about designing, interpreting and contributing the geophysical components for a complex geologic / geotechnical project.

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