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Geoscientific Thinking Resources and References

You can use the search box below to search for references on particular topics related to geoscientific thinking, or check out the page of selected references. We also encourage you to contribute additional references or websites to our collection.


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Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy
The National Academies Press
This chapter presents research and evidence to answer the following four questions pertaining to science teacher education: 1. What do successful students know about science?; 2. What instructional ...

A Model of Inquiry for Teaching Earth Science
E. J. Pyle
Earth science is an interdisciplinary science that uses methods that are different than physical sciences therefore the model of inquiry used in Earth science must also be different. This paper ...

Developing and Applying the Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions Needed for Effective Earth Science Teaching: in The continuum of secondary science teacher preparation
Eric J. Pyle, Bonnie Brunkhorst
This chapter addresses the capacities a teacher of Earth Science may need regarding teaching the methods geoscientists use to understand the earth. It focuses on presenting an understanding of ...

The Nature of Science, Always Part of the Science Story
M.P. Clough
This article suggests several strategies for accurately portraying the nature of science (NOS) in the classroom. Though the target audience for The Science Teacher is primarily high school teachers, ...