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Understand Workforce Needs

Explore the Current Workforce and Trends for the Future

The Workforce for a Sustainable Future

In order to prepare your students for the future workforce, you (and they) need to understand what the current workforce looks like, and learn about the needs of and opportunities offered by the future workforce. See more information about employment statistics, information about major employment sectors, and a description of future opportunities that will arise as the current workforce retires.

In particular, explore job outlooks for specific sectors of the workforce, including the:

Learn about what Employers are Looking For

Needed Competencies

Prepare students for the workforce by ensuring your program is equipped to train them with the the knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

Employer Perspectives and Career Profiles

Read first-hand accounts of what employers are looking for and what skills and competencies are in demand in industry. This page includes employer and employee interviews and career profiles across several fields in the geosciences and beyond.

Additional Resources

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