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Increase the Diversity of your Graduates:

Recruiting and supporting minority students in STEM disciplines

Support the Whole Student

Multifaceted approaches to supporting students in STEM majors are the most effective strategies regardless of the student population but especially important for increasing the success of underrepresented minority students in STEM. Faculty, departments, and institutions have a number of options when it comes to creating a sense of belonging, strengthening mentoring and advising, and helping students feel comfortable seeking help.

Attract Minority Students to STEM

In order to persist in STEM majors, students must first be attracted to them. The state of minority participation in STEM majors has shown improvement over the last decade, but more can be done. There are a number of proven strategies faculty and departments can use to increase student interest in STEM majors.

Examples of Successful Strategies

We have interviewed faculty from a number of institutions to learn how they approach diversity in matters of recruitment and retention and how their efforts are paying off. In these interviews faculty were asked to describe what they see as the keys to success for their programs. These profiles can serve as models and inspiration for departments and programs that aspire to broaden participation in the geosciences.

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Successful strategies include extensive outreach programs, scholarship opportunities, clear articulation agreements between community colleges and universities, peer and faculty mentoring, access to tutoring or other academic support programs, and tailoring courses within the geoscience program to careers students can pursue with an undergraduate degree.