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Apply to Co-Author an InTeGrate Module or Course

Proposal Deadline is July 15, 2014

InTeGrate is seeking proposals from faculty and instructors to author new undergraduate-level teaching materials and model courses. All materials will be developed, tested and published by collaborative teams drawn from a minimum of three institutions and must support at least 2 weeks of instruction. Each team member will receive a $15,000 stipend for their work authoring, testing, revising, and publishing the teaching materials and supporting materials for faculty. Stipends are typically limited to US Citizens and permanent residents. Teaching materials will be focused on:

Teams may have three to five members depending on the scale of the proposed materials (module teams are limited to three members). All materials will be published on the InTeGrate website and will be freely available to faculty for educational use. Proposals may come from fully formed teams, from partially formed teams, or from individuals. If you have a proposal idea and are seeking additional team members (or consultants) or if you would like to explore proposals seeking team members, please visit the Seeking Team Members page.

Learn more about the InTeGrate materials development and testing process and requirements for authors.

Proposals will be selected based on:

On the basis of previous selections, we would note that the most successful proposals featured well defined links between geoscience and society. Further, these proposals typically described the alignment of the proposed materials with specific mechanisms for linking geoscience and societal issues, the development of systems thinking, and their potential to increase students' ability to use data and address interdisciplinary problems. Potential authors should describe why the course or module is an improvement over existing teaching materials and/or methods, and should explicitly identify examples of research-based teaching strategies that would engage students in learning.

Submissions will be accepted until July 15, 2014. Selected team members must be available to attend an initial planning workshop November 9-11, 2014. Attendance at the workshop is mandatory for all team members. Travel and lodging costs will be covered by the project.

Module and Course Call Details

Modules or courses that use a humanities, engineering or social science frame to teach about the Earth

These materials will support InTeGrate's goal of linking teaching about the Earth to issues of resources, environment and sustainability across the curriculum in order to introduce more students to the role that an understanding of the Earth plays in our ability as a society to create a sustainable, just future. These modules (minimum of two weeks) or courses (one quarter or one semester) will use teaching practices that build and model interdisciplinary problem-solving skills and may be implemented in general education, introductory-level courses, or more advanced courses. All teams must include at least one geoscientist and a minimum of two others from distinct disciplines that could include engineering, social science, humanism, economics, among others. To submit an application, please use the course or module application form. For additional information about humanities and social science, please contact David Gosselin at University of Nebraska-Lincoln ( For additional information about engineering, please contact John Taber at IRIS (
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Modules or courses that bring learning about the Earth into the core majors curriculum in biology, chemistry, engineering, economics, math, physics, or other disciplines OR that bring those disciplines into the core geoscience major.

These materials are aimed at InTeGrate's goal of better preparing a workforce that can bring geoscience knowledge to use in addressing environmental and resources issues for a sustainable future. Materials should build capacity for interdisciplinary collaboration and systems thinking at the heart of the major. Each team should include three members from the discipline who will develop and test the materials. In addition, the team should include a consultant to provide the relevant interdisciplinary expertise. Consultants agree to engage fully in materials development and revision, and attend all team meetings (including the two InTeGrate funded face-to-face meetings). Team members who author and pilot the material in class will receive a $15,000 stipend in two installments and non-piloting consultants will receive a $5,000 stipend. To submit an application, please use the course or module application form. For additional information about biology, chemistry, economics, or other disciplines, please contact David Gosselin at University of Nebraska-Lincoln ( For additional information about engineering, math, or physics, please contact John Taber at IRIS (
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Modules for introductory geoscience or environmental science on any of six topics integrating geoscience and societal issues.

These materials are aimed at InTeGrate's goal to introduce geoscience in the context of societal issues. InTeGrate seeks proposals that address the six topics described below. We include some suggested areas of focus for each topic but potential authors are free to discuss alternative ideas. Note that successful proposals should identify subjects that are not addressed in existing modules. To submit an application, please use the introductory modules application form. For additional information please contact David McConnell at North Carolina State University (

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