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Continuing Teams/Authors Agenda- June 2014

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Teams: Sustainable Agriculture; Map your Hazards; Living on the Edge; Secondary Methods
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Meeting Goals

June 29, Sunday

Arrive in Northfield in the afternoon

*All workshop activities will take place at the Carleton College Weitz Center for Creativity, Larson Room 236 and adjacent areas

5:00 PM Welcome/social time with appetizers and cash-only bar

5:30 PM 30 minute presentation - Inspiring relationship to InTeGrate quality and publication goals with tour of Climate of Change module - David S and Cathy. Suggestions for things to pay attention to as you move through Checkpoint 6
Checkpoint 6 suggestions (Acrobat (PDF) 175kB Jun12 15)

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM What it means to finish; Climate of Change as an example - Sean and Ellen

Activity 5.1

Check NOAA Research: Modeling Climate link -broken link

Wind could meet world power demand article link is broken

Image cited in 5.1 student handout, but not sure if it's subject to copyright. Not clear if we have been given permission (which we'd need).

June 30, Monday

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8.30 AM Overview of Day and checklist for the workshop

8:45 AM Plenary: Assessment team Feedback Procedures - David S Assessment Feedback (PowerPoint 1.1MB Jun30 14)

9:15 AM Break

9:30 AM Assessment Consultants meet with teams

10:30 AM Work time in teams - Team Leaders - Groups work on mapping out revision plan and module revisions

12:00 PM Lunch Weitz Center Common Area (1st Floor)

1:00 PM (Proposed materials management meeting: David Steer, David McConnell, Anne Egger, John Taber, David Gosselin)

1:00 PM Work time in teams - Team Leaders

1-3 minutes
  • Where do you teach, what course did you use the module in? "I used the xxx module in my course xxx at xxx college/university which is an xxx type of institution..."
  • What worked well in your implementation of the material? Things you might address:
    • Highlight some specific elements that were effective.
    • How it helped address some of the InTeGrate themes
    • How it was more effective than other ways you taught the material?
    • Specific student reactions to the materials or methods
  • How did the materials play out in your particular class setting? Speak to how you adapted the materials to your particular student population/institution type/etc... Focus on elements that faculty with similar students/class sizes/resources would be interested in.

4:30 PM Plenary report out: What questions do you have about completing your plan? What potential roadblocks do you see?

5:00 PM Roadcheck

6:00 PM Dinner on the town (see restaurant selection handout in folder)

7:30 PM Group discussion of outstanding problems or time to work in teams

July 1, Tuesday

*Check out of hotel if leaving and bring your luggage to the Weitz Center —shuttles to the airport will leave from Weitz Center (see shuttle schedule in folder)

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8:30 AM Plenary: Evaluation results overview (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 2MB Jul3 14) - Kim Kastens

9:00 AM Discuss plan for incorporating evaluation results into revisions

10:00 Course Assessment Plan conversation with assessment team and team leads (private page for assessment team and leads)

11:30 AM Report out: How is it going? What have you learned that others should know?

12:00 PM Box lunches with teams

1:00 PM Time to work in teams on faculty materials and instructor stories - Team Leaders

Begin revisions as appropriate

4:00 PM End of Meeting Plenary

5:00 PM End of Meeting Evaluation

5:30 PM Celebratory reception at The Contented Cow

7:00 PM Dinner at Chapati

July 2, Wednesday (optional)

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

*Check out of hotel— shuttles to the airport will leave from the Country Inn/Alumni Guest House (see shuttle schedule in folder)

8:30 AM Teams begin revisions as appropriate, identify open questions, obtain assistance as needed

Lunch on your own

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