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Professional Societies Mission Statements and Codes of Ethics

Codes of ethics of professional societies serve many functions: they may be aspirational, educational, or regulatory (with prescribed consequences). Take a look through this list of Code of Ethics of many geoscience professional societies to see the breadth of topics covered by these documents. What are the commonalities among these professional organizations? What topics are missing and could be recommended for further development and adoption by members?

American Association of Geographers
History & Mission | Statement of Professional Ethics

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Code of Ethics

American Geophysical Union
Mission and Core Principles | Report of the Task Force on Scientific Ethics : Review and Update of AGU Policies on Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics (Draft; 2012)

American Geosciences Institute
Code of Ethics

American Institute of Professional Geologists
Mission Statement | Code of Ethics

American Meteorological Society
Constitution and Bylaws (see Article XII)

American Water Resources Association
Mission and Objectives

Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
Guiding Principles | Code of Ethics

Ecological Society of America
Mission | Code of Ethics

European Federation of Geologists
Mission | Code of Ethics

European Geosciences Union
Best Practices | By-laws

Geological Society of America
Code of Conduct | Ethical Guidelines for Publication

Geological Society of London
Code of Publishing Ethics | Codes of Conduct

Geoscientists Canada
Objectives | Alberta Code of Ethics | British Columbia Code of Ethics | Manitoba Code of Ethics for Professional Engineering and Professional Geoscience | New Brunswick Code of Ethics (see document p 24/p 26 of PDF) | New Foundland and Labrador | Nova Scotia Code of Ethics

Mineralogical Society of America
Journal's Mission | Ethics follow 'GSA's Ethical Guidelines for Publication'

National Association of State Boards of Geology (USA)
Mission | Code of Ethics

National Society of Professional Engineers
Mission and Vision | Code of Ethics

Society for Conservation Biology
Mission and Values | Code of Ethics

Compilation of Codes of Ethics from Across the STEM Disciplines

See a comprehensive list from The Center for Study of Ethics in the Professions Illinois Institute of Technology.

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