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How To Teach GeoEthics

David W. Mogk, Montana State University

The tenets of excellence in STEM education extend to instruction in GeoEthics:

We have compiled a number of online resources to help you design, teach and assess courses in the geosciences. Please refer to these resources as you develop your own courses and curricula in GeoEthics:

There are also two domains of learning, based on research in the cognitive and learning sciences, that are closely related to teaching GeoEthics:

General Advice on Teaching Ethics

Some Example Syllabuses

Instructional Strategies

Tested Classroom Activities Using Active Learning Methods

"Embedded Ethics" or "Micro-Insertion"

Interactive Lectures

Case Studies

Current Events and Topical Issues

Role Playing

In-Class Debates

Socratic Questioning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Service Learning

Guides for Ethical Decision-Making

E-Mail Discussions or other Social Media

Journal Publications

Students Engage Journalism

Using Video

GeoEthics Training Outside of Formal Classes

The Resources for Research Ethics Education website recommends the following approaches to teaching ethics in a variety of contexts:

Mentoring of Students–Lab Instruction

Assessing GeoEthics Instruction

Student Learning Outcomes

GeoEthics Program Assessments

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