Earth & Space Systems Tentative Course Schedule


Date    Content                                  Topic                                                              Assignment Due

1/19     I, II      Introduction/Standards, Earth/Moon/Solar System Formation            Student Info


1/24     II         Earth/Moon/Solar System Formation

1/26     XV       Planetary Evolution – Extraterrestrial Life                                           Planets Activity


1/31     II, XV  Astroventures –Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Science    (Moosavi Not Present)           

2/2       II         Atmospheric Formation                                                                       Impacts Activity


2/7       II         Atmospheric Structure/Ozone Chemistry                                            Astroventures (3)

2/9       XII       Solar System Motions                                                                        


2/14     XII       Solar System Motions/Eclipses -Kinestethic Astronomy                   

2/16     XII       Earth/Sun Relations – Milankovitch Theory   


2/21     XIII     Atm. Circulation Greenhouse Gas Theory                                          Planetary Motions

2/23     XIV     Ocean Circulation                                                                                Atmospheric Packet


2/28     X         Glaciation Causes, Paleoclimate Studies                                              Ocean Circ. Packet

3/2       X         Climate Change/Earth in the Balance


3/7       III        Mixtures, Separations, Chromatography

3/9       III        Kinetic Molecular Model                                                                    Chemistry Packet



3/21     IV        Rock Cycle – – Rock Identification Activity                                       

3/23     V        Plate Tectonics - Divergent Structures                                                 Rock Classification


3/28     V         Plate Tectonics - Divergent Structures

3/30     IV, V    Divergent Boundary Quiz, Plate Tectonics - Convergent Structures


4/4       IV, V    Plate Tectonics - Convergent Structures

4/6       VIII     Sedimentary Basin Structures, Stratigraphy


4/11     VIII     Stratigraphy - Sandwich Stratigraphy

4/13      IX       Time/Fossil Record/Catastrophism/Uniformitarianism                       Stratigraphy Pract.

4/14-15  XI      Taylor’s Falls Field Trip A/B (8-6)


4/18     VIII     Sedimentary Environments Quiz, Field Trip Reflections             

4/20     VI        Hydrologic Cycle, Rivers                                                                    Field Trip Packet


4/25     VI        Hydrologic Cycle, Rivers                                                                    Stratigraphy Final

4/27     VI        Stream Valley Evolution         

4/28-29  VII    Minnesota River Valley Field Trip A/B (8-6)


5/2       III        Chemical Equilibrium, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Biogeochemistry      Rivers Packet.

5/4       III        MN Iron Range Lab                                                                            Diversity Assign


5/11                 Field Final Exam      2:45 – 5:30 PM                                               Iron Range Packet                                                

Note:   Roman numerals tie into the course standards in Handout Number 2.