Topic #                                    Topic/Title                                                       Source            

I                 BOT Science Teaching Standards                                           Handout 1

BOT Science Standards met by Geology 310                         Handout 2

Field Trip: Minnesota River Valley-Rapidan                           Handout 3

The Earth System                                                                    SPB 1 – 6


II               The Solar System                                                                    SPB 30 – 40

                  The Biological Dimension                                                       SPB 16 - 20

                  Life’s Evolution on the Earth                                                  SPB 397–415

                  Ozone Packet                                                                          Handout 4

                  The Galilean satellites                                                              Handout 6

                  Life and the evolution of earth’s atmosphere                           Handout 8


III              Dynamic Interactions Among Systems                                   SPB 7 – 12

                  Geochemistry and Life                                                            SPB 363-383


IV              Plate Tectonics                                                            SPB 65-88

                  Gravity Anomalies and Isostasy                                              SPB 104-107

Properties of Magma                                                               SPB 136-141

The Origin of Magmas and Igneous Rocks                            SPB 147-153

Metamorphism: New Rocks From Old                                   SPB 168-185

                        Internal structure and early thermal evolution of Mars

                                    From Mars Global Surveyor                                       Handout 9

                        Magnetic lineations in the ancient crust of Mars                     Handout 10

                        Signs of plate tectonics on an infant Mars                               Handout 11

Climate change as a regulator of tectonics on Venus               Handout 12


V               Origin of Mineral Deposits                                                     SPB 422-425

                  Metallogenic Provinces                                                           SPB 430-431

                  New map reveals origin and geology of North American

mid-continental rift                                                      Handout 13


VI              Water on the Land                                                                   SPB 189-211

                  Human Impacts on Fresh Waters                                            SPB 466-474


VII             Field Trip: MN River Valley-Morton/Jeffers Petroglyphs      Handout14


VIII           Sedimentary Strata                                                                  SPB 158-168

                  Biotic Zones and Sediments of the Oceans                             SPB 255-262

            Sedimentary Mineral Deposits                                                SPB 426-430

                  Fossil Fuels                                                                             SPB 431-436

                  Overview of the geologic history of SE MN                           Handout 15

What lies beneath: Studying a U.S. impact crater and its

effects on Groundwater                                               Handout 16

A large paleolake basin at the head of Ma’adim Vallis            Handout 33


IX              The Rock Cycle and Uniformitarianism                                  SPB 12-16

Revisiting Cycles of the Geosphere                                         SPB 130-132

Teaching Evolution, the Kansas Board of Education,

And the democratization of science                             Handout 17


X               The Earth’s Cover of Snow and Ice                                        SPB 216-232

                  Changing Sea Level                                                                 SPB 265-268

                  The Climate System                                                                SPB 316-331

                  Twin ice cores from Greenland reveal history of climate

change, more                                                               Handout 18

                  A high-resolution millennial record of the South Asian

monsoon from Himalayan ice cores                            Handout 19

                        Dendroclimatology                                                                  Handout 20                             Structure of the 8200-year old cold event revealed by a

speleothem trace element record                                  Handout 34

                  A Special Place: Taylor’s Falls                                               Handout 21


XI              Field Trip: Taylors Falls                                                          Handout 22

                        Geology of Interstate Park                                                      Pamphlet


XII             Astronomy and the Scientific Revolution                                SPB 24-30

Ice-Age Periodicity and the Astronomical Theory                   SPB 333-335            

XIII           Source of the Sun’s Energy                                                    SPB 47-60

                  Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere                        SPB 271-289

                  Winds, the Weather, and Deserts                                            SPB 293-308

                  The Warm Middle Cretaceous                                    SPB 331-333

                  Solar Variations and Volcanic Activity                        SPB 338-339

                  Continental Uplift and Climatic Change                                  SPB 456-461

                  The Changing Atmosphere                                                      SPB 476-488

                  How grasses got the upper hand                                             Handout 23

                  Climate change as the dominant control on glacial-interglacial

variations in plant abundance                                       Handout 24

                        Megafauna died from Big Kill, not big chill.                           Handout 35


XIV           Sea Ice                                                                                     SPB 232-238

                  The World Ocean                                                                    SPB 241-255

                  Severe Weather                                                                       SPB 308-312

                  A Closer Look                                                                         SPB 328-329                          Changes in Ocean Circulation                                     SPB 335-338

                  Sea-floor Dust Shows Drought Felled Akkadian Empire        Handout 25

                        Late Holocene climate and cultural changes in the SW U.S.   Handout 26

Drilling reveals climatic consequences of Tasmanian

Gateway opening                                                         Handout 27


XV             Planetary Evolution-Extraterrestrial Life                                  SPB 343-359

                  Expanding the Habitable Zone                                    Handout 28

                  A low temperature transfer of ALH84001 from Mars Handout 30

                  Search for past life on Mars: Possible relic biogenic activity

in Martian meteorite ALH84001                                 Handout 31

                  Formation of recent Martian debris flows by melting of

near-surface ground ice at high obliquity                    Handout 32




Note: SPB = Class Textbook   Skinner, B.J., S.C. Porter, D. B.Botki, The Blue Planet: An introduction to Earth System Science 2nd Ed., John Wiley & Sons, 1999.


In cases where the reading from the text begins within a chapter, topic indicates the subheading where one should begin reading.


Not all handout numbers are used due to replacement as the course evolves.