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Beyond Tenure

You did it - you got tenure! Now what? The resources below address what happens after tenure, including post-tenure performance reviews and promotion. There are also resources about changing career paths, post-tenure.

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Workshop and Conference Presentations

View from the Administration (Acrobat (PDF) 151kB Mar19 12) - This presentation was given by Alec Gallimore and Arthur Thurnau (University of Michigan) at the 2006 Minority Faculty Development Workshop. The powerpoint slides offer a view of promotion and tenure (P&T), highlighting the P&T process and tips on where to concentrate your efforts.

Mid-Career Faculty: Challenges and Opportunities for Development

The mid-career faculty stage presents unique challenges in academia, including post-tenure depression, over-committing oneself, or finding one's work becoming mundane and 'stale.' Recognizing these challenges as they develop can help, as can taking on new projects. Professional development workshops and programs can also provide opportunities to try new things in one's teaching and research, and to network with others with similar concerns and interests.

Post-Tenure Review and Promotion

Many institutions use a post-tenure review process to monitor faculty performance and to evaluate faculty for potential promotion. The resources below offer insight into the post-tenure review process, including how to prepare, what to expect, and how to handle potential issues that arise from a review.

Changing Career Paths: Re-evaluating a Career in Academia

Academia isn't for everyone, and this realization sometimes comes after one is granted tenure. If you're reconsidering a career in academia, you're not alone. The resources below address this issue and provide perspective and examples from others who have had the same feeling.

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