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Research Showcase 2012

2012 Research Showcase Winners

Field Collected Data Project

  1. Measuring the Sky Brightness in Rockland, Maine; Mr. Pete Kalajian
  2. Low level mapping with small cameras and hobby airframes; Mr. Vin Urbanowski

Most Creative/Innovative Project

  1. Did the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami Affect the Area of High Particulate Organic Carbon and High Chlorophyll Concentration?; Ms. Caitlin Anderson Everett
  2. Japan Radiation Cloud; Mr. Peter Dorofy

Community-focused Project

  1. The Effects of Water Temperatures near Florida on the populations of the Trichechus manatus latirostris species; Ms. Julie Mankiewicz
  2. Changing Snowfall in Southern California Mountains; Ms. Jeni Williams

Best Incorporation of Eyes in the Sky Perspective

  1. Correlating aerosol optical depth and the total column water vapor near the coast of Africa; Ms. Julie Mankiewicz
  2. Is There a Relationship Between Type of Plate Boundary and Type of Volcanoes?; Ms. Jenelle Hopkins


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Japan Radiation Cloud
Paul Beam
By Paul Beam Burlington County Institute Technology, Mr. Peter Dorofy, High School (9-12) Individual Project (1 student) Project Overview Picture of Project Details Abstract There has been a lot of stories in the ...

Grade Level: High School (9-12)
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