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Research Showcase 2011

2011 Research Showcase Winners

Field Collected Data Project

  1. Analyzing the Passaic River: New Jersey's Industrial Waterway; Mr. Billy Goodman
  2. Drinking and Fracking in Bergton, VA: Past Drilling, Present Water Quality, and Future Concerns; Mr. Russell Kohrs
  3. Pecking through the Peckman River: An analysis of water quality; Mr. Billy Goodman

Most Creative/Innovative Project

  1. A Study of the Change in Area of Snow Coverage in October on the Himalayan Mountain Range From 1966 to 2004; Ms. Caitlin Anderson
  2. How has the proportion of +2° Celsius global temperature anomalies compared to -2° Celsius global temperature anomalies changed from 1880 to 2009?; Ms. Caitlin Anderson
  3. Monarch Butterfly Migration 1995-2010; Ms. Danielle Bugge'

Community-focused Project

  1. Odiorne Point State Park: Jewel of the New Hampshire Seacoast; Ms. Ina Ahern
  2. Leaf Area Index; Ms. Jennifer Mott
  3. Radiation Near You; Ms. Danielle Bugge'

Best Incorporation of Eyes in the Sky Perspective

  1. January vs July NO2 Concentrations in Cincinnati, Ohio For the Years 2008-2010 and Possible Reasons for NO2 Concentration Variation; Ms. Jenn Coury
  2. Amazon Rainforest Deforestation from 2000 to 2010; Ms. Caitlin Anderson
  3. Arctic Sea Ice Extent Between 1995-2005; Ms. Caitlin Anderson


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Ring of Fire: Earthquakes
Misha Stieler, Myka Flint, Sarah Hadden

Grade Level: High School (9-12)
Geospatial Technology Tool: ArcGIS Online, Google Earth
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