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Online 1: Sharing Your First DataTools Investigation Plan


Hello and welcome to our first Web-based collaboration of the DataTools program! This event will run from Thursday, September 11 through Sunday evening, September 21. The purpose of this event is to share your plan for your first DataTools Investigation. You'll contribute to the growing collection of data-rich investigations on our Web site and you may discover data sets and plans developed by your colleagues that you'd like to use in your own classroom.

Details of the Week's Assignment

Between Thursday September 11 and Wednesday evening September 17, please post the completed Part 1 (planning section) of the DataTools Investigation Template in the discussion area. Please include your initials in the file name of your plan.

Access the discussion area and post your plans.

Between Thursday September 18 and Sunday September 21, download and take a quick look through the plans submitted by your colleagues. See if there are plans you might like to use or modify for use in your own classroom, or if there are plans that spark any new ideas for you. Please post a few questions or ideas about the possible modification or reuse of a plan within the thread for that plan.

A Reminder About Help
Please ask for help as you may need it, from your colleagues or from the DataTools program staff. We are always happy to help.

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