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Mapping Local Data in a GIS
DATA: Student-collected GPS data and site characterizations TOOLS: MyWorld GIS, spreadsheet program SUMMARY: Follow a study of Urban Heat Islands as an example of map-based science research projects.

Pollen and Climate Change
DATA: Pollen Viewer. TOOLS: Analyzing Digital Images, Spreadsheet. SUMMARY: Study the relationship between climate and the distribution of plants across North America, import data into spreadsheet and graph.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: What's in Your Woods?
DATA: Forest Inventory Growth and Analysis data, TOOLS: Spreadsheet, My World GIS SUMMARY: Investigate forest biodiversity in Maine and consider the environmental factors that contribute to tree species diversity.

Tsunami Run-up Prediction for Seaside, Oregon with ArcExplorer GIS
DATA: NGDC Historical Tsunami Data, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data. TOOLS: Geobrain Online Analysis System (GeOnAS) DEM Explorer, ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) GIS, & Excel. SUMMARY: Download and examine global, historical tsunami run-up patterns. Acquire DEM contours and import them into AEJEE GIS. Then visualize the potential sea-level rise that could occur during a tsunami run-up event near Seaside, Oregon.

Understanding Carbon Storage in Forests
DATA: Forest Inventory and Analysis data, TOOLS: isee Player, Spreadsheet application. SUMMARY: Compare field collected data with results produced by a forest biomass model to understand the process and challenges scientists face when doing terrestrial carbon cycle research.

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