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Perfect Competition: A Context Rich Problem part of Examples
Students find the profit-maximizing level of output for a perfectly competitive firm and check the shut-down condition for two different prices.

Imperfect Competition: Context-Rich Problem part of Examples
This context-rich problem helps students to apply the characteristics of imperfect competition to a real world setting.

Game Theory Context-Rich Problem part of Examples
This consists of a short essay to be written by students after watching the West Wing episode "Hartsfield's Landing." In it, students are asked to help a friend to understand the content of the show using the basic components of non-cooperative game theory and the prisoner's dilemma.

Tax burden context-rich problem part of Examples
Students are asked to write a letter to the editor of their newspaper to explain their point of view as a seller in a market that is about to experience an increased sales tax rate.

Price discrimination context-rich problem part of Examples
Students prepare an essay to explain pricing strategies for two different companies.

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