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Blueprints & Themes

The Blueprints

The blueprints are pathways through a entire year-long capstone level high school Earth science curriculum. Each blueprint has a theme that stitches together three-week teaching units.

Earth and Space Science

Earth the Habitable Planet (limited access page)

Songs of a Distant Planet (limited access page)

Wichita Falls (limited access page)

Introduction to Physical Geology

Theme TBA (limited access page)

Earth Science

The Big Ideas (limited access page)

FAKE Water, Water, Everywhere (limited access page)

The Themes

Blueprints are made of units which are follow a theme. Below are the links to "working themes" used by the different blueprint development teams to unite individual pieces of curriculum.

Team #1: Developed by The University of Texas, Austin

Team #2: Developed by Texas A&M International, Laredo

Team #3: Developed by The University of Texas, Brownsville

Team #4: Developed by Texas A&M, Corpus Christi

Team #5: Developed by Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls