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About this Project

The DIG Texas Blueprint project aims to strengthen earth science education by providing Earth science teachers with well-defined and standards-aligned course roadmaps online. These "course roadmaps' (blueprints) are available online and include recommended high quality, research-based learning activities and teacher resources. Selected activities and educational resources will be among the best available to support the concepts contained in the blueprints.

Five blueprint development teams each affiliated with a DIG Texas hub institution are leading the development of online blueprints for use in high school Earth science classes. Teams will work collaboratively at workshops scheduled over three years, as well as remotely via the project's "collaboratory".

In Texas, this will help to ensure that Earth and Space Science, designed as a rigorous capstone course, is taught at the appropriate level by teachers who are aided by standards-aligned course blueprints. Teachers in other states will be able to use the project's example blueprints as the template for their own Earth science courses and may mix and match blueprint units developed for this project to create a customized blueprint.

In addition to creating the blueprints, we will expand the DIG TEXAS website to make earth science teaching resources tailored for use in Texas available online to teachers throughout Texas.

This project has many partner institutions

This work is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation to The University of Texas at Austin (GEO-1203021), The University of Texas at El Paso (GEO-1202745), and Texas A&M University, College Station (GEO-1202920)

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