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Program & Department Profiles

When you are thinking about making changes in your own department, it can be helpful to see what other departments have done. The profiles below have been provided by members of the departments in an effort to share such information. The program profile details a single program, while the department profiles include information about departmental demographics; efforts at student recruitment and retention; research, teaching, and internship opportunities for students; mentoring and career advising; departmental involvement in the institution; and participation in interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary programs on campus. We also have a large collection of curriculum profiles, each of which describes a degree program in detail.

If you would like to contribute a program to this collection, please fill in the Program Submission Form. If you would like to have a profile of your department added to this collection, please fill in the Department Profile Submission form.
Pillsbury Hall, University of Minnesota

Profiles of Geoscience Programs

Fluids in the Earth from Surface to Core, University of Minnesota

Profiles of Geoscience Departments

Department of Geology, Bowdoin College

Department of Geology, Cornell College

Geological and Environmental Sciences, Hardin-Simmons University

School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University

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