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Curricula & Programs

These webpages were written by Carol Ormand, based on ideas compiled from the 2007 workshops on the Role of Departments in Preparing Future Geoscience Professionals and on Connecting Geoscience Departments to the Future of Science.

Curricula and programs form the core of a department; developing and reviewing curricula and programs are some of the most important activities a department undertakes. While every department is unique, we can learn a lot from each other's successes, and from our colleagues in other STEM disciplines.

Curriculum Design and Revision

The curriculum is the centerpiece of a geoscience program. As you build or revise your curriculum, which elements are essential? Which are optional? How does your curriculum support your departmental priorities and goals? While the resources and references on this page probably won't answer these questions for you, they illustrate the answers other departments have reached, and describe some of the process of getting there.

Beyond the Curriculum

A great deal of education happens outside of formal coursework, through mentoring, advising, internships, student research experiences, and many other activities. The resources and references on this page can help you (and your students) make the most of these opportunities.

STEM Education References

In recent decades, research on the process of learning, and particularly on the process of learning science, has blossomed. We can use the results of this research to improve both the quality and the quantity of learning that occurs in our classrooms, producing better-educated geoscientists and citizens.

References and Additional Readings

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