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Beyond the Curriculum

A great deal of education happens outside of formal coursework, through mentoring, advising, internships, student research experiences, and many other activities. The resources and references below can help you (and your students) make the most of these opportunities.

Wittenberg University student research symposium. Photo by Ruth Lewis; used with permission.

Program & Department Profiles

When you are thinking about making changes in your own department, it can be helpful to see what other departments have done. Members of various geoscience departments have provided these profiles in an effort to share such information.

Interdisciplinary Programs at McMaster University

At the 2005 Building Strong Departments workshop, Carolyn Eyles, from McMaster University in Ontario, gave a presentation detailing the interdisciplinary programs there. Here's an adaption of it: Maintaining the Core vs Developing Connections: Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Programs.


We developed these pages on internship programs as a result of discussions at the 2007 workshop on the Role of Departments in Preparing Future Geoscience Professionals.


Laurie Koloski, Director of the Reves Center for International Studies at the College of William and Mary, suggests ways to help your students develop a global perspective in this presentation: Internationalization: Implications for Your Students Within and Beyond the Curriculum. (Microsoft Word 24kB Jan19 07)

References and Additional Readings


On mentoring

On undergraduate research

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