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Geoscience Department - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

by Katie Farnsworth, Jon Lewis and Michael Poage

The Geoscience Department at IUP is an undergraduate (~50-60 majors) department of seven faculty offering two Geoscience majors (Geology Track, Environmental Track) and an Earth and Space Science Education major.

Department strengths include the following:

Department weaknesses include the following:

Department Planning Process

Our departmental planning process involves formal and informal components. Being a small and collegial department many ideas are hatched in informal settings both on and off campus. These often generate the seeds of new ideas for directions that courses, research, curricula or departmental projects might take. Recurring themes from informal discussions often eventually enter the more formal component of our departmental planning.

Our regular faculty meetings are most often restricted to basic departmental business such as budget expenditures, course schedules, multi-year course rotations, and departmental events etc. Long-term planning usually occurs at our annual (or twice annual) day-long faculty retreats. Retreats usually involve a significant component of self-evaluation, reviewing how we have met previously established goals, and setting goals for both the short- and long-term. We also conduct five-year reviews for the university that entail assessment of all aspects of department programs, facilities, faculty productivity etc. (see below).

Summary of 2004-2005 Department Review

Identified goals (and resultant actions) from the external review include:

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