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USGS employees installing a temporary stream gage near 13th Ave. and J Street, Cedar Rapids, IA (photography: Don Becker, USGS).

Program Metrics & Instruments

When you have articulated the goals and objectives of your program, it's time to think about how, exactly, you will measure your success. For this, you'll need to develop an instrument or group of instruments for collecting the necessary data.

Geoscience Program Assessment Instruments

This collection of geoscience program assessment instruments includes alumni surveys, student surveys and exit interviews, other surveys, course evaluations, rubrics, portfolios, exams, and other instruments from geoscience departments across the U.S. Each specific instrument within the collection includes information on the original design, use and impact of the instrument.

Questionnaire to measure indicators for recruitment/retention in geoscience careers

The American Institutes for Research has developed an assessment instrument designed to measure changes in attitudes and behaviors related to enhanced likelihood of students remaining in the geosciences career pipeline. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of an individual workshop, course, career fair, or other activity intended to enhance geoscience career choice.

Online Survey Tools

If you are thinking about designing a student or alumni survey as part of your program assessment toolkit, you may want to consider using an online survey tool.

Criteria for Success

This list of indicators of successful programs and assessment strategies was developed at the 2005 workshop on Developing Pathways to Strong Departments for the Future.

AGI's Guide to Geoscience Departments

The American Geosciences Institute's Guide to Geoscience Departments provides some metrics you can use to compare your department to departments at peer institutions.

References and Additional Readings

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