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Teaching Visually

Some of our faculty discuss the role of clearly presented visual material for student learning.

Biology 252: Illustrating Lectures (Flash Video 14.1MB Sep2 09) (3:45 min)
Matt explains how he uses different work spaces in his presentation of classroom material, including the benefits and disadvantages of different technologies.

Classics 114: Using Visuals to make the Abstract Concrete: The Role of Technology (Flash Video 18.2MB Mar26 09) (4:47 min)
Clara talks about how she uses classroom technology to enhance the learning in class, and how big themes get pulled together through the organization of the course.

Physics 137: Developing the Physics Instinct (Flash Video 9.7MB Mar27 09) (2:33 min)
Arjendu articulates the need for students to be able to "see" abstract mathematical forms that correspond to physical phenomena in order to fully understand the principles of physics.

Physics 137: Seeing Physics (Flash Video 8.9MB Mar30 09) (2:22 min)
Arjendu reiterates the need for students to be able to visualize physical phenomena as expressed by abstract forces and concepts.