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Meditation and Collection: "Garbage Reduction"
Gary L. Chamberlain, Seattle University
The course examines a number of unsustainable practices, the "worldview" or framework which emerged from the confluence of Christianity, the Renaissance and rise of modern science, and industrialization. We then examine new forms of Christian theological reflection leading to the construction of a framework reinforcing practices of sustainability and environmental justice.

Bioregion Discipline: Religious Studies
Bioregion Scale: Global, Local Community/Watershed, Home/Backyard
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Pollution & Waste, Human Impact & Footprint, Sustainability Concepts & Practices, Promising Pedagogies:Reflective & Contemplative Practice, Social & Environmental Justice, Ecosystem Health

Sacred Food and Carbon Footprint
Hirsh Diamant, The Evergreen State College
This activity examines how understanding cultural or religious studies and ecology can help us to become grounded, focused, mindful, and engaged world citizens.

Bioregion Discipline: Religious Studies
Bioregion Scale: Global
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Human Impact & Footprint, Cultures & Religions, Ecosystem Health

Evergreen State College