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Designing a Biological Community
Charles Dodd, Shoreline Community College
In this Physical Geography Lab, students are responsible for designing a simple biological community.

Bioregion Discipline: Interdisciplinary Studies, Geography, Biology
Bioregion Scale: Regional
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Ecosystem Health

Developing a Sense of Place with Pre-service Science Teachers
Andrew Gilbert, The Evergreen State College
The lesson content focuses on designing investigations concerning the notion of scale through a series of investigations on their campus. The overarching goal is to foster a connection to the earth through an investigation of the local environment.

Bioregion Discipline: Interdisciplinary Studies, Geography, Geoscience
Bioregion Scale: Campus
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Sense of Place

Exploring The Impact of Increased Acid Levels in Ocean Waters on Coral
Dharshi Bopegedera, The Evergreen State College
The goal of this laboratory is to help students understand that burning fossil fuels, which results in an increase in the acidity of ocean waters, has a detrimental impact on marine life (specifically coral but also other organisms that have calcium carbonate based shells).

Bioregion Discipline: Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Water & Watersheds, Social & Environmental Justice, Climate Change

Evergreen State College