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Producing Bioregional Knowledge and Understanding: Student Projects Based on Field Learning
Susan Digby, Olympic College
Students produce a set of eight personal travel 'insights' from field trips within their bioregion. Each insight consists of an image produced by the student and accompanying text; students are producers of meaning rather than consumers.

Bioregion Discipline: Environmental Studies, Geography
Bioregion Scale: Local Community/Watershed, Home/Backyard
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Sense of Place, Promising Pedagogies:Reflective & Contemplative Practice

Mapping Stormwater Runoff Infrastructure for the City of Bothell
Robert Turner, University of Washington-Bothell Campus
Term-long course activity for student groups to map the flow of stormwater runoff on newly developed or altered properties in and for the City of Bothell.

Bioregion Discipline: Geography, Geoscience, Environmental Studies
Bioregion Scale: Local Community/Watershed
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Design & Planning, Water & Watersheds, Pollution & Waste, Cycles & Systems, Promising Pedagogies:Civic Engagement & Service Learning

Interviewing the Past: Developing a Sense of Place through Oral Histories
Bob Abel, Olympic College
Local changes in climate, flora, fauna, and the human population can be anecdotally explored through interviews with long time locals.

Bioregion Discipline: Environmental Studies, English, Geography
Bioregion Scale: Local Community/Watershed
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Cultures & Religions, Sense of Place

Race and Space
Lindsay Custer, Cascadia Community College
This assignment exposes students to racial inequalities in their own communities and helps them to identify the impact of racial segregation on quality of life. The big ideas in this assignment are racial inequality, residential segregation, and environmental justice.

Bioregion Discipline: Geography, Sociology, Environmental Studies
Bioregion Scale: Local Community/Watershed, Regional
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Social & Environmental Justice, Ethics & Values, Sense of Place

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