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Toxic Hygiene: How Safe Is Your Bathroom?
Danielle Gray, Whatcom Community College
Students learn about potential safety and health concerns of personal hygiene products. Students examine labels and advertisements of these projects and then engage in rhetorical and cultural analysis of these advertisements.

Bioregion Discipline: English
Bioregion Scale: Home/Backyard
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Cultures & Religions, Social & Environmental Justice, Lifestyles & Consumption, Sustainability Concepts & Practices, Promising Pedagogies:Reflective & Contemplative Practice, Human Health & Wellbeing

Investigating Local Food: Meet Your Washington Farmers
June Johnson Bube, Seattle University
This assignment sequence seeks to stimulate students' thinking and writing about food production in the western Washington bioregion through a series of activities combining readings, class discussion, fieldwork, and writing assignments. Collaborative work in and outside of class culminates in students' interviewing local farmers and vendors at farmers markets and writing a surprising informative essay.

Bioregion Discipline: English
Bioregion Scale: Local Community/Watershed, Campus
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Sustainability Concepts & Practices, Human Health & Wellbeing, Promising Pedagogies:Reflective & Contemplative Practice, Food Systems & Agriculture, Ecosystem Health, Social & Environmental Justice

Welcome to My Home
Matt Teorey, Peninsula College
Students are encouraged through writing and research activities to discover a greater sense of place and express their increased awareness of local ecosystems and cultural communities.

Bioregion Discipline: English
Bioregion Topical Vocabulary: Ecosystem Health, Sense of Place, Human Health & Wellbeing, Cultures & Religions, Promising Pedagogies:Reflective & Contemplative Practice

Evergreen State College