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Workshop Overview

The workshop reflects current trends and ongoing national conversations about undergraduate education in psychology. In the past, study abroad was often viewed as relevant only for certain majors and fields of study, such as foreign language, area studies, and art history. A broader range of today's college students, however (including those studying psychology), sees value in gaining global perspectives through off-campus learning. The (2002) APA report, Undergraduate Psychology Major Competencies, articulated ten goals for undergraduate education in psychology, including the goal of Sociocultural and International Awareness, which asserts that psychology majors should be able to "recognize, understand, and respect the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity.

Keynote speakers Professor Carol Enns (Cornell College) and Professor Helle Harnisch (Denmark International Study Program) will share their experiences collaborating with international colleagues and organizing and leading study/travel courses in Japan, Denmark, and other places in Europe.

Workshop Goals

Workshop sessions will emphasize practical issues such as:

Intended outcomes for participants include:

Dates and Times

Friday, June 3, 2011 at noon through Saturday, June 4 at 5 pm



An ACM FaCE grant awarded to the workshop conveners will cover travel (up to $450/person), lodging (one night), and several meals (dinner on June 3, breakfast and lunch on June 4) for up to 28 participants.

Participant Eligibility

Eligible individuals include faculty from psychology departments at ACM schools. We have funding to cover two participants per ACM school. However, should fewer than two individuals apply from some schools, additional spots would open.


The Friday session will take place at Carleton College, and the Saturday session will take place at St. Olaf College. The two colleges are located about a mile apart in Northfield, MN.

For More Information

Dana Gross, Professor, Psychology Department, St. Olaf College 507-786-3624

Kenneth Abrams, Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Carleton College (507) 222-5024

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