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Geoscience Web Resources

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Sustainability in Life Science Teaching

A statement by the National Association of Biology Teachers on the importance of teaching sustainability and some guidelines on how to do so.

"Working" Through Environmental Issues: The Role of the I-O Psychologist

A post-symposium report on why sustainability should be integrated into industrial-organizational psychology.

Eco-I-O Psychology? - Expanding Our Goals to Include Sustainability

An article about the importance of sustainability in industrial and organizational psychology.

A Call for I-O Leadership in "Going Green"

An editorial about how to begin integrating sustainability into industrial-organizational psychology.

Psychological Factors Help Explain Slow Reaction to Global Warming

A press release from the American Psychological Association about a task force report that addresses some of the psychological aspects of the public's reaction to global warming.

Society's Grand Challenges - Insights from Psychological Science: Global Climate Change

A booklet about psychology can be applied and integrated with the life sciences to affect environmental change.

Environmental Law Institute Research and Policy Division

This organization works with local and regional partners in the United States and worldwide to strengthen environmental laws, to develop new approaches to ensure their effectiveness, and to improve ...

State Environmental Resource Center

This website provides information on Wisconsin environmental policies and assembles information and tools to help legislators make decisions on environmental issues. The State Environmental Resource ...

Social Norms and Global Environmental Challenges: The Complex Interaction of Behaviors, Values, and Policy
This article addresses the difficulty that policy makers face when problems are large, complex, and in flux (eg, climate change).

Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability
This textbook discusses how businesses can respond to public pressure to be more green by changing their human resources management strategies.

Urban Biodiversity Gains New Converts
This article talks about the growth in popularity being enjoyed by urban greenspaces and "biophilic cities."

Can Earth's and Society's Systems Meet the Needs of 10 Billion People?: Summary of a Workshop
This 112-page report summarizes outcomes from a 2014 workshop focused on sustainability and meeting the needs of a growing population. It addresses the questions how do we prepare for a future ...

United Nations Environment Programme; Resources for Scientists

This site provides information on the state of the planet's natural resources and sustainable development. The site highlights scientific assessment and global monitoring efforts that are currently ...

Pilot 2006 Environmental Performance Index

This website provides environmental data and summaries that compare 133 countries along 16 environmental policy criteria. Categories include air quality, water resources, environmental health, ...

Fish Banks Ltd.

This site features information about the Fish Banks game, an exercise developed by the University of New Hampshire to encourage the judicious use of fishing rights in a manner beneficial to the ...

Global Change 2 Lectures

A list of lectures for the Global Change 2 course at the University of Michigan is featured on this site. Each lecture includes definitions and images that enhance the subject matter. Additionally, a ...


This website presents an introduction to the key issues affecting sustainability of ocean fisheries. It also provides direct consumer information on particular species and seafood products, using a ...

Woods Hole Research Center: The Program on Science in Public Affairs

This website describes the role that science plays in public and international affairs as human activities create increasingly complex global environmental problems. The Wood's Hole Research Center ...

EurActiv: EU News and Policy Positions

This site is an independent media portal fully dedicated to European Union (EU) affairs. This extensive site is an online platform for EU policies, complementing existing EU media and institutional ...

Oil, Water and Climate: An Introduction
Global energy demand is increasing from population and economic development pressures and climate change, resulting in large part from the burning of fossil fuels, is exacerbating the impacts of the ...

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