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JEOL JSM-5900LV SEM with Oxford INCA200 EDS: Beloit College
Probe current up to uA, optimized resolution ~5 nm, vacuum ~1 Pa, beam energy up to 30 keV.

Nikon Eclipse Ti Invertied Research Fluorescence Microscope: Beloit College
Motorized nosepiece up/down movement, Stroke (motorized): up 7.5mm,down 2.5mm , minimum step: 0.025┬Ám, maximum speed:2.5mm/sec;TI-DS Diascopic Illumination Pillar 30W; Motorized stage cross travel:X110 x Y75mm, ...

: Knox College
The TEM is a JEOL 100SX and the SEM is an Amray. We also have 2 MT2B ultramicrotomes and a sputter coater and critical point dryer.