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Griffin 400 Mobile Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS): Beloit College
Direct syringe injection, mass range 40-425 m/z, ion trap analyzer, unit mass resolution.

NT-MDT Solver Next SPM: Beloit College
STM and AFM modes; Sample size up to 10 mm in diameter; scanning area 100x100 um, resolution ~0.3 nm.

Kodak Image Station 4000MM Pro: Beloit College
4 million pixel CCD camera, 10x optical zoom, 10um/pixel resolution.

Varian ProStar: Lawrence University
Includes, autosampler, DAD and fraction collector

Phantom v9.1 from Vision Research with 600 ISO/ASA Color CMOS Sensor: Monmouth College
2 MegaPixel color high-speed camera capable of capturing 1000 frames per second for 1.5 seconds. At lower resolutions, the camera is able to record at a faster rate or longer duration. ...

Dionex Summit HPLC: Coe College
photodiode array and fluorescence detectors, autosampler

Dionex ICS 1000 Ion chromatograph: Coe College
Configured for anions; with autosampler

Agilent 1100: Cornell College
Diode array detector, autosampler