STEM Education Center at Saint Xavier University

The STEM Education Center at Saint Xavier University aims to strengthen the quality of STEM education, increase the number of students graduating in STEM disciplines to meet local and national workforce needs, and build the university's capacity to advance knowledge in STEM disciplines.

School of Education, Saint Xavier University
Established: 2010

Profile submitted by Julie Reinhart, Ph.D.

Goals and Objectives



Center Structure

The STEM Education Center at Saint Xavier University is a unit within the School of Education.

Description of Programming

The STEM Education Center at Saint Xavier University provides professional development seminars to local practicing K-8 teachers. Additionally, the STEM Education Center loans equipment and curricular resources to practicing K-8 teachers and Saint Xavier University faculty and students.

Successes and Impacts

Our programs are well received by local practicing K-8 teachers. We continuously receive high evaluations from program participants. Another success is our equipment and curricular material loan program. Through our loan program, local K-8 teachers, Saint Xavier University faculty, and Saint Xavier University students are able to borrow equipment and materials for instructional purposes.

Elements Contributing to Success

Our programs are innovative and engaging and are run by highly respected experts in the field. Additionally, we have two physical locations for our STEM Education Center. The two locations, Chicago and Orland Park, are convenient to practicing K-8 teachers, university faculty, and university students, which enables the STEM Education Center to be flexible with programing.

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