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Collections of Visualizations on Geoscience Topics

Browse through our collections of visualizations on geoscience topics. Each collection page is targeted at a topic that could be addressed in one or just a few class periods. Many of these pages reside in other parts of the On The Cutting Edge website so don't be surprised if the page looks different when you click on one of the links.

Use the search box to find visualizations on the topic of your choice. You can also browse through all the individual visualizations.

If you know of additional resources to add to one of the collections or have a topic you'd like to see a collect for, use our Feedback box to let us know.


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Glacial Landforms Resulting from Erosion and Deposition part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations presenting how depositional landforms like moraines and outwash plains form. In addition there are animations of the formation of erosional landforms like U-shaped valleys, cirques, and hanging waterfalls. A movie of Greenland uses actual footage to show various erosional landforms. Photographs of glacial landforms are also provided.

Wetland Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Hydrogeology:Visualizations
Compiled by Suzanne Savanick at SERC. Find wetland images and visualizations that illustrate wetland loss or wetland function. Browse the complete set of Visualization Collections. National Estuary Program Habitat ...

Watersheds and Hydrologic Cycle part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Hydrogeology:Visualizations
Find animations showing the hydrologic cycle, how watersheds are delineated, and film footage of a trip down the Rhine River watershed.

Examples of Deglaciation part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations recounting deglaciation of North America and an animation recalling the removal of ice from the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia.

Cryosphere Visualizations part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Compiled by John McDaris at SERC. These visualizations deal with the Cryosphere as a whole. Browse the complete set of Visualization Collections. A Tour of the Cryosphere: Earth's Frozen Assets (more info) ...

Impact of the Seasons on Earth Systems part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Climate Change:Visualizations
Find animations showing how the seasons impact temperature patterns, soils, and the hydrologic cycle.

Moisture Animations part of Cutting Edge:Topics:Hurricanes-Climate Change Connection:Visualizations
These are animations showing global precipitation and pressure patterns, dust and condensation, precipitation type and temperature, lake effect snow, and satellite images of water vapor.

Glacier Physics part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Geomorphology:Visualizations
Find animations and movies revealing how a glacier forms, moves, retreats, and in the case of tidewater glaciers, calves. Images of glaciers are also available.

Groundwater Animations part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Hydrogeology:Visualizations
Find animations exploring permeability, groundwater speed, the hydrologic cycle and groundwater, cone of depression, and geyser eruption.

River Systems: Process and Form part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Sedimentary Geology:Visualizations
This section provides access to a number of visualizations and supporting material that can be used effectively to teach students about physical processes acting in rivers and their floodplains. Visualizations include simple animations, visual output from numerical models, as well as numerous static illustrations and photos.

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